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The Illogic of Atheism

What is more illogical, the existence of free will, or a determinist who is open to having his choice to believe in determinism changed by the evidence?

But, if determinism is true then I guess George had no choice but to hold an illogical position.


The Illusion of Moral Responsibility


In this article scientists conclude that free will is a product of electrical activity, “background noise,” in our brains.  Decisions, then, could be predicted based on this pattern of that activity.
I guess if free will is an illusion these scientists didn’t have a choice but to say it. If that’s the case, then, I don’t have any choice but to say how utterly stupid they are.  If this is true (but it’s not) then punishing people for what they do is unjust, because they had no choice to commit the crime. But, how can we even determine what is “just” or “unjust” if free will is an illusion? Punishment of the innocent is simply what someone had to do. Killing the store clerk is simply something someone had to do.If free will is an illusion, so is moral responsibility._
The ramifications of this “research” would be to place in doubt every law.  I‘d wager that each one of these scientists that signed off on this study would object to my punching them in the nose. Their objection is merely an illusion as I had no choice but to punch them.


The naturalist/materialist premise on which these scientists anchor their conclusion is that there is no reality beyond the physical world. Only matter and energy exist. They assume we are only a product of impersonal molecules in motion.

“The state of the brain right before presentation of the cue determines whether you will attend to the left or to the right,” Bengson said. “This random firing, or noise, may even be the carrier upon which our consciousness rides, in the same way that radio static is used to carry a radio station.”

So, consciousness is an illusion too.

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man.
-Romans 1:22-23