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The March Toward Sodom Continues

Italian Court

Italy’s highest court grants “consent” as a defense for pedophilia.

Those of us who argued that the acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” would lead to the breakdown of all barriers on sexual contact are being daily proved right.

The highest court in Italy just overturned the conviction of a 60-year-old man because the verdict did not sufficiently consider “the ‘consensus’, the existence of an amorous relationship, the absence of physical force, the girl’s feelings of love”.

My point I made in The Suburbs of Sodom and Gomorrah is being validated:

Philosophies have consequences.  The logical extension of Dr. Fulbright’s, PETA’s, and the rest of pop culture’s sexual philosophy would lead beyond seeking arousal from the adults of the human species to sexual gratification found from contact with animals, dead bodies, vegetables and children.  That philosophy believes prohibitions are harmful to one’s sexual fulfillment.  Prohibitions define people and restrict them from reaching their sexual fluidity.  This descent into sexual depravity will wage war on all laws restricting the access to any sexual playground.

Once laughed at for offering a “slippery-slope fallacy”, now the truth of this descent into depravity is being revealed.  Furthermore, this descent is accelerating.  Yesterday sex with children was held as abhorrent, disgusting and vile. Today it is being accepted. Tomorrow it will be celebrated with parade floats, catchy slogans and symbols, and a course of study at Harvard.

Soon there will be no more taboos.  Everyone will do that which is right in his own eyes.