Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for wanting to get to know me.  An author or artist always likes to have his work appreciated.

I am a husband of one wife, celebrating 24 years this year.  I am the father of 12 children, seven on earth and 5 that I am looking forward to meeting in heaven.  I am a Christian attorney, called to bear witness to the truth.  I was educated at Regent University Law School, where I earned my Juris Doctorate. 

Over the years I have observed a disappointing reality in the Church.  The Church has become too “feminized.”  By that I mean our churches emphasize the attributes of God that we generally identify as feminine (like love, caring, nurturing) at the expense of God’s “masculine” attributes (like truth, justice, indignation).  We sing worship songs to Jesus as if He is our boyfriend and eschew songs like “Onward Christian Soldiers” as too militant and un-Christlike.  This “feminized” Church is a conflict-averse Church that misapplies Scriptural principles like “turn the other cheek” and “judge not.”  In the face of a tide of evil in our nation, Christians now are afraid of conflict.

The blog concept of “Crossing Swords” comes from an interview given by brilliant theologian Nancy Pearcey.  In that interview she said “The more traditionally masculine side of Christianity enjoys crossing swords with hostile secular worldviews.  So, as long as Christianity appeals to the emotional, therapeutic, interpersonal, relational areas, it’s not going to appeal to men as much as to women.”

God has called me to encourage Christians to reclaim a muscular Christianity that challenges the evil that has swept over our land.  We must be willing to cross swords with wicked and vain philosophies and not be afraid of conflict.  It is only in running towards the battle with a willingness to die will we find our lives.

I pray my writing will bring edification and knowledge as I strive to make Jesus known.

Soli Deo Gloria

Christopher S. Brownwell



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