Please Don’t Pet the Peeves II

Pet Peeves

I started this recurring blog back in 2014 and haven’t posted again since.  I started with four pet peeves.  You can read them here.  So now I will offer my Pet Peeve number 5.

5. Self-refuting statements
Self-refuting statements are truth claims that contradict themselves.  They pretend to be true, but they fail to meet their own standards.  Therefore, self-refuting statements cannot possibly be true.
selfrefuting sign.png
For example, here are some self-refuting statements with suggested responses:

“There is no truth.”  Your response to this statement should be Is that statement true?  How can the statement be true if there is no truth?

“Well, there may be truth, but it’s not knowable.”  Oh, yeah? How do you KNOW the truth that truth is not knowable?

“No person has the truth.” Then I can disregard that statement from you, right?

“You can’t know anything for sure.” Are you sure about that?

“Truth is just a matter of opinion.” So, are you imposing your opinion of truth on me?

“You can’t impose your morality on someone else.”  So you’re saying it is immoral for me to tell someone else that he is being immoral?

“You’re not supposed to judge.”  Then why are you judging me for making judgments?

“The scientific method is the only means of knowing truth.”  OK, Poindexter, how do you know that statement to be true by using the scientific method?

“What’s true for you isn’t true for me.”  Are you insisting that your statement applies to me?

Our postmodern culture is plagued with all kinds of self-refuting statements.  Learn to identify them and pull the rug out from under them in order to advance the truth.



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