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One Shade of Perverted



Recently a friend of mine posted this article about the 50 Shades of Grey book and the movie that will be in theatres in time for Valentine’s Day.  A conversation following her post went like this:

My Friend’s Nephew: I’m not necessarily disagreeing with your article, but I am curious whether you have read the book or not? [sic]

My Friend: [My Friend’s Nephew], I’d read and heard about the book’s perverse content when it came out and I definitely chose NOT to read it.

My Friend’s Nephew: LoL that’s what I suspected. Just making sure thats [sic] clear to me and others reading this.

Me: [My Friend’s Nephew], have you ever walked off a curb and were struck by a bus? No? Then how do you know it’s not good for you or others to do?

My Friend’s Nephew: Lmao!! You really can’t be serious!? Only a quack would make such a comparison.

With maturity comes humility and wisdom. Maturity doesn’t always come with age. With youth ducksback2comes arrogance and impertinence. Youth dismisses wisdom usually because it interferes with pleasure. With my age I have matured to the point that comments from youth that I am a “quack” simply roll off like water off a duck’s back.

Wisdom says that one doesn’t have to read a book to understand or have a comment about its contents. One can get to the truth by taking the evidence of eyewitness testimony. Wisdomhit-by-bus knows that you don’t have to step in front of a bus to know that it hurts. Likewise, you don’t have to read this book or see this movie to know that they are bad for society.  (I know there can be some debate over the validity of some eyewitness testimony; but, if the account of the eyewitness is true then others are justified in relying on it.  In a perfect world we will all have the same knowledge about every subject.  As that is not possible we all have to put faith in eyewitness testimony at some point.)

I have not read this book, but I did borrow the audio version. I wanted to be able to answer foolish critics that reject any analysis because of a lack of experiential knowledge. The first several chapters I would label as “Foreplay for women.” These chapters deal with a chance meeting, moments of hidden attraction, subtle hints, slight flirtations, coyness, and just the right touch of cockiness that seems to attract women. After that the book quickly descends closer to hell when Christian Grey leads Anastasia Steele down the path of perverted submissive sexual deviance.  (Usually authors are very meticulous about naming their characters.  I suspect the author of the book intended the name “Christian Grey” to convey a non-judgmental, nothing-is-black-or-white approach to sexual bondage, while at the same time judging Christians for being what is perceived as judgmental.)

I couldn’t finish the book. It is every bit of disgusting that the author of this article describes. Like the visual pornography that controls the minds of men, this verbal pornography in 50 Shades of Grey is every bit as much of a lie. Such perversion is never satiated. Deviance must always get darker because our senses naturally get numb to constant stimulation. The fantasy in this book is nothing but a lie. The characters are fiction. There are no “Christian Greys” out there who both fantasize about abusing women and at the same time care for them in a loving, committed relationship.

The Spirit of the Age

The Spirit of the Age

This book is about the spirit of this age. The spirit of this age is not about wisdom. It is about maximizing pleasure even at the expense of others. That is what sexual bondage is about. Even consensual bondage hurts both the sadist and the masochist. It is unhealthy to strip one’s humanity by elevating one’s dominance over another human. Any truth claim that gets in the way of maximizing pleasure will be vociferously rejected, even censored. Maximizing pleasure is about creating your own rules of morality. It is about becoming your own god. It is about believing the lie the serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is idolatry.

Those with wisdom and discernment know that 50 Shades of Grey is cancerous to human society. There may be fifty shades of grey, but there is only one shade to this book: Perverted.  We will not be loved for the truth we speak. In fact we will be called “quacks” or worse. But, the truth we must speak, and we must speak the truth in a way that makes people want to leave the lies.


Intelligent Design Is Evangelistic

Is the
Intelligent Design Movement Christian?

Answers in Genesis asked that question in a recent Facebook post linked above.

All truth is God’s truth. Whether truth is expressed by a preacher in a Sunday sermon or an atheist psychologist in a lecture, all truth comes from God. The speaker may have ungodly reasons for presenting the truth, but we shouldn’t reject truth simply because of who the speaker is.

AiG is looking at ID in a wrong way. They are looking at it from a world governed by a Christian consensus, a “Hebrew” mindset, an Acts 2 world. They see ID as a step AWAY from the whole truth of God’s existence and involvement in creation. They believe that ID is pointing away from God.

The problem with AiG’s thinking is that we do not live in a world governed by a Christian darwinapeconsensus. We live in a “Greek” world. In America and most of the rest of the West, secular humanism dominates. Secular humanism has strangled the ability for the scientific community to see God’s truth for nearly 200 years in America. The consensus believes in undirected, purposeless causes that created the universe and makes things grow.

“There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know.” In a world laboring under the plague of secular humanism, arriving at any truth, let alone the existence and sovereignty of God, is hard to come by. Contrary to what those at AiG believe, ID, operating in a world dominated by a secular humanist consensus, points TOWARD God as the creator.

I think the real issue comes down to that AiG has a problem with ID because AiG does not unknownGodbelieve ID is sufficiently evangelistic. AiG thinks ID is deliberately hiding who the “Intelligent Designer” is. Instead, I believe that those in the ID community simply recognize our Acts 17 world and are pointing “Greeks” to the unknown God.

Instead of finding heretics under every rock, perhaps we should be encouraging our brothers and sisters to continue to speak God’s truth to a fallen world.