A Renewed Declaration


Today isn’t the holiday called “The Fourth of July.”  We don’t celebrate a date.  Today is “Independence Day.”  We celebrate the birth of the idea that is America.  That idea had enemies.  The British Crown and Parliament oppressed the Colonies to the point of violating our British constitution.  Our rebellion to tyranny did not begin at the point where we couldn’t take it anymore, but our principles emboldened us to rebel when we wouldn’t take it anymore.  We reached a point where our love of liberty told us “We have had enough.”  Because of our Christian faith, we had the moral courage to stand in the face of despotism.

“In God We Trust” became our motto, and in his trust we pledged to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.  We held God’s truths to be self-evident, that all men are BFRebelliontoTyrants1created equal, not in financial situation, not in talent, but in dignity.  The servant is created equal with his master.  Subjects are created equal with the king.  No longer are we slaves to be ruled by a cruel despot.  We realized our Christian duty is to free the oppressed from the hand of the oppressor.  We believed that “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”

We didn’t just believe.  We acted.  We didn’t misapply “Turn the other cheek.”  We stopped the hand of the tyrant from abusing us anymore.  We weren’t afraid of violence.  We weren’t conflict averse.  We didn’t relish the fight, but we did fight.  Through the godly use of violence we destroyed the power of those who oppressed the weak.

Ours is a noble beginning.  Ours is a godly foundation.  Imperfect in its application, but honorable nonetheless.  Our association as a people is not in a single ethnicity.  America is God’s idea, an idea of life, liberty, equality for all who cherish it.  We are a great nation because we believe in the God of that great idea.

We are not without enemies, though.  We have foreign and domestic enemies that want to fundamentally transform that sacred idea into a demonic tyranny.  These agents of tyranny live among us.  These tyrants give their allegiance to foreign gods.  They have fomented lawlessness and chaos.  They have orchestrated the murders of 57 million children.  They have confiscated our property.  They have introduced sexual confusion.  They have created crisis on the border.  They have required us to violate our consciences.  They have refused to enforce our laws.  They have abused governmental authority to torment and punish their political opponents.  They have refused to defend the righteous.

They have forfeited the privilege to govern free men.
Fredrick Douglass
We have suffered a long train of abuses and usurpations.  Those who govern us have demonstrated a plan to reduce us under absolute despotism.  Those who govern us have destroyed lives, liberty, and property.  It is our right.  It is our duty to oppose such tyranny.  To do any less would be disobedience to our God.

So, on this Independence Day, let us reaffirm our dependence on the Author of our liberty.  Let us pledge allegiance to our Sovereign King.  With our knees bowed to the King of heaven, we will have the courage to stand before tyrants.  If God be for us we are fighting a winnable war.  With a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence we will once again celebrate our independence.



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